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It has been a long time since I wrote something here. Well in my defense I have been busy and lazy. I got married to the love of my life about 4 months ago so I hope that makes it more understandable. 

I am bigger, stronger and hopefully a better person after all these days. And even if I am not a better person, my better half definitely covers that for the both of us <3. 

Anyway, say hello to the newest ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer. That is correct, a couple weeks ago I successfully passed the test and am now certified to give training tips advice and more! I recently also tested my 1 RM on the squat which was a solid 235lbs. At that point I did have more in me I just didn’t want to go all out. 

The wife has been feeding me well and that is an understatement. This definitely has resulted in me gaining a ridiculous amount of weight. Yours truly is now a good 175lbs (80kg). I have never been this heavy and I can’t say with certainty that all of that is muscle mass. I am fairly certain that my body fat percent has shot up to about 20% easy. But you can judge that by looking at some of the progress pictures below. I must say I am pretty impressed with how my back is shaping up. No wonder 235lbs on the back didn’t feel like the max I could do. 


I am still on the 5/3/1 Big but Boring training program and it has yielded good results for me in addition to allow me to take it slow and make modifications to the program as I deem fit. Although I never want to stop getting stronger so the quest for that continues and I am sure I would have to switch over to an advanced program a year from now.

Talking about goals; my goal this year is to have a 400lb deadlift at current bodyweight or less. a 275lb squat also sounds delicious and I think is quite achievable. As far as military press goes, I want to venture into the 135lb territory. And I don’t really care for the bench that much anyway. Another important goal is to train with the wife and make her strong(her). I did get a chance to train with her after the wedding and I must say that she is one of the feistiest people I have ever trained with. She just doesn’t give up and that can be good and bad. But I really like the attitude she has in the gym (and outside the gym 🙂 ) 

This brings me to the end of this post, I promise I will be more regular posting here and will post some videos of my lifts soon. Until then take care and lift heavy!


Recent Developments

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It’s been a while since I updated the blog. I have been lazy and worked up. However, I do have a lot to update in this post. 

I recently got the opportunity to attend Learn to Train 7 seminar organized by EliteFTS in Columbus, Ohio. I was very excited to attend the seminar and to meet the powerlifters whom I could just watch videos of or read about. Unfortunately there was no lifting on the first day. Matt Wenning was the first speaker. I remember him saying that he didn’t train the overhead barbell press because he benched 600 lbs. But when he did, he pressed 405 lbs overhead. I didn’t pay much attention toward the rest of the speakers. I was just looking at all the folks around and reflecting on how small I was. I think I was the smallest person in the entire seminar barring a few women maybe. 

The second day was training day. We were split into groups and were to squat, bench and deadlift to get our form checked. A few trainers were very helpful and enthusiastic but a few were not very helpful. They had opinions which were set in stone and didn’t want to accept anything else. This happened more on the squat. I usually follow what Rippetoe says for the squat because I think he makes sense. He advises to keep your elbows back instead of down which helps in keeping the hands to help you lift the weight. Keeping elbows back helps stabilize the weight on the back which is the only thing your hands should be doing in a squat. They asked me to do more back workouts to make my back stronger so I could squat like they wanted me to. I do think I have to work a little bit on my torso angle on the squat, but I think progress will come slowly and it is nothing which cannot be worked upon. I have already incorporated Good Mornings in my workouts.

Next was the bench and I think this is the session I got the most benefit from. Before the seminar, I had zero leg drive and I believe this was making my bench stall. They taught me how to use leg drive as an advantage and that totally changed the way I look at the bench. I think I am going to be a lot stronger on the bench post seminar.

The deadlift session was a good one too. This is my favorite lift and I don’t think I need much work on this. My previous max was 315 lbs and I managed to break that to lift 325 lbs. It didn’t really feel like a max because the weight went up pretty quick and easy. I proceeded to try 365 after much encouragement of the coaches and managed to lift it off the ground. However, I didn’t lock it out. I think I could have, but I had a flight to catch in 3 hours and I didn’t want to be miserable on the flight so I let go.

At this moment I am almost done with my first wave of 5/3/1 which I had to repeat because of the 2 weeks lapse in training. I will be starting the second wave soon and I am very excited about it because I am going to be squatting 215 lbs which is going to be the heaviest I have ever done. I will keep updating this page as I get the time.  


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In the words of the great Jon Pall Sigmarsson, “There is no reason to be alive, if you can’t do the deadlift”.


If you are reading this and you are new to the world of fitness, you are going to discover the holy grail of strength training – the Deadlift.

If I were to enumerate the benefits of this lift, I would need a week. If the squat is the king of strength training, deadlift is the queen. And if you’ve played chess, you’d know that the utility of the queen is much more than the king.

Let’s start listing the muscle groups which get activated during the deadlift. Let’s start from the head.

1. Traps (Trapezius)

2. Lats (Latissimus dorsi)

3. Rhomboids

4. Small muscles between vertebrae

5. Serratus muscles of the back

6. All of the rest of the upper and lower back

7. Abs (obliques as well as rectus abdominis)

8. Quadriceps

9. Hamstrings

10. Glutes

11. Forearms

Now try and remember one exercise or one workout you did which involved or activated so many muscle groups at the same time. There’s hardly anything in the body which is not in action during a deadlift.

A lot of people are scared of this lift because it requires the use of the back and back injuries are the worst. Well if you go on a hunting trip and start treading barefoot towards a lions pride, no wonder you’d get eaten. Moral of the story is to start with light weight and move up slowly.

Let us now go over some quick tips on how to deadlift.

The first thing that you have to make sure before deadlifting is that the weight should be as close to your body as physically possible. This means that when you’re pulling the weight up, the weight should graze your shins before you lift and lockout. If your shins are soft, wear khakis/sweat pants while training.

Keep your back straight at all times. Your lumbar spine should always be tight and not curved. As long as your spine is straight, you will not hurt yourself doing this Godly lift.

Use your legs. Even though it might seem like an upper body dominant lift, quads, hams and primarily glutes have a very important role to play in the deadlift. When pulling the weight up, a cue which might help is to imagine pushing the floor away with your feet.

Chest up, head in line with torso and back straight. Also make sure your arms are not bent at the elbows. That would put the load on the biceps. Biceps being a smaller muscle group than the triceps aren’t usually accustomed to take heavy loading. If you don’t want a bicep tear like this, make sure you’re keeping your arms extended straight.

If you’re still short of reasons or scared to do deadlifts, go here. Enough talking, go deadlift some weights already!